SiS-Tech software was designed to help businesses make more profit. By streamlining the entire sales process, giving quicker turnaround times, and with fewer mistakes, businesses are able to grow sales without growing infrastructure or overhead.

Sales, Inventory, CRM, Parts Catalog

Every module required to sell your inventory, both physical and virtual, online or over the phone is available in our software. This includes a full-featured customer and contact management system, inventory tracking and sales performance, customer performance, 
basic accounting and import / export functionalities. If you upgrade from the basic package, we include our warehouse module to streamline your picking / packing / shipping processes.


Our software is fully customizable and has built-in features that are specifically developed for this industry.


Every module in our system was developed to run seamlessly on both desktop and mobile browsers. We utilize progressive web application (PWA) technology which allows your app to be installed on desktop and mobile devises that support PWA technology.


Every pricing tier includes secure hosting on our servers that are located offsite in a SOC 2 Type 2 Certified data center in Kansas City, MO.