How can we help?

Can I host the software myself?

Although hosting is included in with each pricing tier, you may independently host the website interface, SQL database, application logic or all of the above.

We recommend allowing us to host the application logic to avoid issues with software updates. Support for updating self-hosted clients is not included in the subscription fee and any time spent by our support staff will be billed at $150 USD per hour. 

What do you do with my data?

The short answer is nothing. Any data you put into the system is yours, and will not be copied or used by SiS-Tech. All passwords stored in the database are encrypted and your can request a copy your database, if you decide to terminate your subscription.

Do you backup my data?

Yes, all data for your system is backed up nightly using a 3rd party cloud storage provider, and is included in your monthly subscription fee.

Can I purchase the software instead of paying for a subscription?

Yes, if you wish to own your own copy of the software, please contact us for pricing. Please note that if you change or modify the source code, we will not be responsible if future versions are not compatible with any changes you have made.

Does the system accept credit cards?

Yes, the system is capable if integrating with PayPal Pay Now and PayPal Invoicing. Pay Now allows visitors to pay with a debit card, credit card or with their PayPal account. PayPal Invoicing allows you to send a PayPal invoice to any email address, once the invoice is paid by the customer, the payment will be recorded in the system and the sales representative for that customer will be notified that payment was made.